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Grouped Finder Favourites

ZenOS Commander uses Finder favourites. Therefore you can share the favourites between both applications. Furthermore, ZenOS Commander adds a grouping feature to better organise the potentially-long favourites list. 

You can easily create new groups and organise your favourites with the intuitive drag-and-drop between the groups.

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Tabs with Color Tags

Colour-tagged tabs come in handy when you have multiple open tabs and you want to quickly find the right one. Colour tag is assigned easily by right-clicking on the tab and selecting the requested colour. Once the coloured tag has been assigned, then that current folder is also stored. Later on, simply double-click the coloured tab to move back to the stored folder's location.

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Image Size

Image sizes are shown directly in the file list panel. The size is shown in the column named "Extra". You can drag and drop to change the column order and also set the column visibility to suit your needs.

Most of the widely supported image formats are supported: PNG, JPEG, JPEG-2000, TIFF, PICT, GIF, Quick Time Image, AppleICNS, BMP, ICO, Raw Image, Scalable Vector Graphics and Live Photo.

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Emphasised Resulting Items

Often you might copy or move items into a folder with many existing files. After the copy or move is completed, the current sort order is then applied and the newly-created items become hard to find. What do you do if you want to make sure that you've copied the right items? Or if you want to perform an additional operation with those files in their new location? Then our "Emphasised Resulting Items" feature comes in handy. All new moved or copied items are shown in bold and will be easily located by you in their new location.

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Synchronized Browsing

There are situations when you may need to navigate between two distinct folders with the same structure. Once the "Synchronized Browsing" is switched on, then navigating to a folder in the source panel will trigger the automatic navigation to that same named folder in the target panel.

This proves useful when you have the same folder structure for each project and you want to compare or copy files between two projects that are somewhere deep in the folder structure.

This feature runs hand-in-hand and compliments the ability to "Run External Diff".

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Customize Space Bar Action

As you would expect, the SPACE bar shows the quick view although another time you may want to use the SPACE bar to comfortably select items in the list.

With ZenOS Commander you can quickly change the behaviour of the SPACE bar key directly from the toolbar. Once "SPACE to quick view" is switched on then the SPACE bar show the MacOS standard quick view of the currently active item. It will select the item otherwise.

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File Operations Log

All file operations, e.g. move, copy, delete and rename, are logged and you can view the log by choosing the menu item: View -> Operations Log.

The file operations log may become really handy when you accidentally drag and dropped files without receiving a confirmation or in many other problem-solving situations.

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Customize ENTER Action

Everyone can expect that ENTER "opens" the folder in one situation but "renames" it in another position. With ZenOS Commander you can quickly change the ENTER key's behaviour directly from the toolbar. Once "ENTER to rename" is switched on, then ENTER renames the currently active item. It will open the item in that way.

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Drag and Drop is Supported

With ZenOS Commander you can drag and drop files or folders within the same panel, or between panels. You can also drop files or folders into a Favourites list. You can either drop the file directly on the favourite item and then a regular copy/move is performed. Or you can drop a file in between your favourite items and the new favourite link is then created in that position.

ZenOS Commander also supports standard drag/drop and to/from Finder and other drag & drop-aware applications.

Use the standard OPTION key modifier to switch between move and copy operations.

Currently only single item drag & drop is supported. Drop as a symbolic link (shortcut) will also be implemented soon.

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Cut a File or Folder to Pasteboard/Clipboard

You'll search in vain search for a "Cut" option in standard MacOS features. We have introduced this feature in so that you can "Cut" files in ZenOS Commander and paste them in Finder or another file manager. Internally, the cut file is moved to the Trash bin and its location is copied to the clipboard in the same way as with the "Copy" operation.  

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Create Symbolic Link

Its true that we all know how to create a symlink with the "ln -s" command line ;-) However, why not just point at your source file or folder in the Source panel and set the destination in the Target panel. Then, simply hit F10 and choose "Link" in the context menu and watch the magic happen! The dialog panel will also let you rename the link if you need to.

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Create New File

There are often situations where you need to create a new file at the current location. Nothing is easier then selecting the "Create File" option from the context menu. The new file is blank with zero size and a ".txt" extension. Nothing is easier than renaming the new file to fit your needs. Just hit F2 or double-click the item in the list.

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Copy File Path to Pasteboard/Clipboard

Some days you may need to enter a full file path to a command line or to some other application. With ZenOS Commander this option is available straight from the context menu. There is no limit to the useful features it gives you, as well as for those smaller things. With "Copy Path" we also give you the option for "Copy Path Encoded" which encodes the spaces so you can enter them directly to the Terminal command line without any worries.

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Show File Access Date and Time

Have you ever searched for a file which has been recently opened but not modified? With ZenOS Commander you can sort those items in the list by their last-accessed date and time. Right-clicking on the list header will let you choose the columns shown in the list. Besides the date of creation and modification you will also find the last accessed date and time.

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Run External Diff

Simply select two files or folders and run your favourite external diff utility. You can either select two files in one panel or just point at one file in each panel.

You can also control the source and target file by choosing either a->b OR b-> direction from the context menu.

Choose your favourite diff utility in Preferences (CMD+,).

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Select What is Likely to be Renamed

It's the little things which make our everyday that much life easier. You might often hit CMD-D to duplicate a file. Then, the duplicated file name will get the "copy" suffix. It is very likely that you want to rename this but keep the original name intact. To make it shorter, when you start the renaming of a file with "copy" at the end, then this suffix will be already selected, so you simply start typing the new suffix text.

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